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“Announcing A One-day Seminar Featuring Highly Acclaimed Racing Gurus Sharing Secrets Known Only To Winning Race Teams, That Will Propel You To The Top Of The Podium.”

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29th Annual High Performance Racing Seminar

Had enough of Zoom meetings? Armadillo Racing's highly acclaimed High Performance Racing Seminar is back LIVE in 2024.

Five-Star line-up of racing professionals to share their deepest secrets and knowledge on topics you must know now to improve your racing skills.

Now is the perfect time to tune up your mind and car for the 2024 racing season by you attending this live event.

For 28 years, racing gurus from across the land have come to the Pacific NW sharing their expertise with those who have chosen to attend our live seminar. Those who have attended raved about all that they learned and got a big head start on the season by getting mentally tuned up and learning car setup tips known only to the pros.

This year we are currently assembling  another colossal group of racing professionals who will not only share their insider secrets, they will share current thoughts and innovations all with the goal of helping you improve your racing skills, your car set-up and thus your performance. Of course, improvement in these areas enhances your enjoyment of racing. Few things are more frustrating than going to the races, being slow and having no idea why. This seminar will fix that, I guarantee it.

“Every racer he (Jeff Gordon) was learning something. You’re forever facing that challenge, whether it’s the making the car better or understanding that you can do better as a driver… In racing, it’s what separates the champions from the also rans.” – Tom Cruise, actor, in the foreword to Jeff Gordon’s biography.

Two speakers have been confirmed with additional speakers to follow soon including a special mystery guest who will share his/her life in racing.

Jacques Dallaire

Dr. Jacques Dallaire

Dr. Dallaire is an internationally recognized performance specialist who has worked with more than 890 high-performance racing drivers from 55 countries and just about every form of racing on the planet, in addition to thousands of high performers from other walks of life. In motorsport, many of Dr. Jacques’ clients are among the “who’s who” of the racing world, competing at the top levels of the sport around the globe.

is  is an expert at driver safety.  He worked for several years with Arai on their Formula 1 helmets and worked tirelessly to get the HANS device accepted in Formula 1.  During that time James, assisted top drivers with customizing their safety gear so that it fit properly and comfortably.  Drivers such as World Champions Keke Rosberg, Sebastian Vettel, Nicki Lauda, Damon Hill and others.

Late in 2011 Level 5 racing in IMSA, asked him to assist in ‘driver-nannying’ – that with assisting Audi on their driver safety & cockpit ergonomics primarily on the WEC Le Mans e-tron Quattro cars has kept him busy for some years.

His presentation will involve the active participation of attendees. Topics discussed will include:

  • The “Seven Key Rules of the Mental Road”,
  • Factors that Affect Concentration…Understanding the Skill of Concentration and how to control it,
  • The use of Imagery and how it Affects Performance,
  • The Effect of Anxiety on Performance,
  • And much more.

As anyone who is involved in motorsport will know from experience, the mental side of the racing game is arguably just as difficult to master as the technical side of the sport. Issues associated with confidence, focus, and anxiety can sometimes get into a competitor’s head and negatively influence the way that they perform. The impact of a less than optimal mindset can often be seen not only within the broad driver community, but in family members, friends and technical specialists that seek to support them.

When you examine the investment that you’re already making in racing, consider the benefits of maximizing this investment by learning how to master the mental game.  You are encouraged to visit to find out more about his work and join him in a deeper dive into the all-important mental skills side of the sport.

“I’ve been involved with this program since 1996, and let me tell you – it works!  I’m convinced that the knowledge you will gain from Dr. Dallaire will help you perform to the best of your ability – and it might even change your life……as it has mine.” Helio Castroneves – 4 Time Indy 500 Champion

“The material presented by Dr. Dallaire will help you to clearly understand how you mentally sabotage yourself.  The interactive exercises will allow you to gain insight into your underlying performance mindset.  It is my hope that you will get as much out of his presentation as I have and I believe that the effort and time you invest to develop these mental skills will be well worth it.  Ig could also be life changing”  Patrick Dempsey – Multi Award-Winning TV and Movie actor and Race Car Driver

Ross Bentley

Ross Bentley

Ross Bentley is certainly one of the top driving coaches in the world, not to mention one of the most expensive (a day with Ross is about 10 times the cost of this seminar).  He is a racing champion and driven just about every kind of sports car from Formula Fords, IMSA GT, and IndyCars.  You may also know of his series of Speed Secrets books and maybe you’ve listened to his podcast, No Dumb Questions.

Ross says:  What is the single most effective thing you could do to improve your driving? New tires? More horsepower? Trick and expensive brakes and/or suspension mods?

How about a driver coach? I know from experience that a good coach will do more for your driving than anything else. But yes, there’s a cost, and it’s not always convenient to find the right one for you.

But here’s the thing: You can coach yourself… if you know the right process, have the right tools, and know how to strategize and plan what’s right for you.

Since I can’t personally coach you every time you go to the track, I’m going to share with you ways that you can coach yourself.


  • My Coaching Model & Process
  • Coaching tools, such as data, video and track maps
  • Proven self-coaching strategies & tactics

When you put Ross Bentley together with Jacques Dallaire, you are going to learn so much that your head may explode.

The cost of the seminar is only $395. Plus as one who registers by December 11th you get $50 in Armadillo Bucks to spend the same as cash during the event to take advantage of our once a year sales on the racing products you need and want.  My business and mastermind group think the price should be much higher and charge extra for the recording. I say you are crazy if you don’t take advantage of this incredible offer.

Our guarantee…

If after hearing the morning’s speakers, you don’t feel you’ve gotten your money’s worth, we’ll refund the entire fee plus $25 for wasting your time. With a guarantee that strong, you’ve nothing to lose except seconds off your lap times.

Don’t take my word for it, here are some comments by a few of past attendees:

“OMG! This is the BEST seminar, I’ve ever attended! Every speaker was entertaining, interesting, and informative. I learned so much that will help me prepare for, enjoy and succeed the next time I’m on the track” – James Wege

“If you missed today’s seminar, you might as well be late to the grid. Everyone who took the time to attend now knows more than you about many aspects of racing. Too bad for you!” – John Rankin, Vintage Beach Sports Racer

“I have been coming to these for over 20 years. This was the best. A definite bell ringer. The speakers were very engaging. I didn’t lose my focus for a moment. A rare occasion for me!”- Mark McClure, Formula Mazda

This seminar isn’t for everyone. If you are content to just go out and run your car without a desire to improve, then please pass this information on to someone who has a willingness to listen, learn and apply the secrets that will be shared at the event so that they can enjoy their racing more by lowering their lap times, improving their understanding of the car, and gaining great insight into the whole process of successful racing.

The total cost for the live event is $395, which includes $50 in Armadillo Bucks to be spent same as cash at the event. (less than the price of a race entry).

Register now to take advantage of special pricing available only before December 11, 2024.  Just click the registration button or email your entry to or you can call us on our toll free phone line (USA and Canada) at 888-211-9129.

Your confirmation email will be sent promptly.

Yours for Racing,


PS If you still aren’t sure what this is all about. Just click to hear an audio file of Jeff Braun as he shares some insights from a teleseminar we did in 2010. This will give you one insider secret you can use now. Most importantly it will give you a glimpse into what you can learn when you register for the seminar. Click here to listen to the 9 minute audio of Jeff Braun sharing 1 of 3 racer secrets.

This year you get James Penrose and 3 or 4 other speakers to be added soon.  In fact if you aren’t thrilled with the additional speakers, we’ll refund your entry and still give you access to our once a year seminar sales specials.  Live Zoom meeting with Q&A with the speakers and a recording of the whole event, all for just $125, if you register now.


“The virtual seminar touched upon many topics important to the race car driver. The speakers not only presented important information in a clear understandable way, they answered questions and posed questions to one another. They had slides that clearly illustrated the point that they were making. The capability of watching the recording is a real plus being able to reinforce the speaker’s message.”
Bart Scott
“The 26th Annual HP Seminar was excellent. Information on collecting and analyzing race car data was well presented and useful for an amateur team looking to upgrade our cars with video dashboards and telemetry systems..
Malcolm Ross
“Awesome day. I’ll be back next year. Very educational, speakers are great. Thank you so much.”
Leo Overgaag

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