Registration Open for 20th Annual High Performance Racing Seminar

Spots are still available but filling fast for this event.  You can register at the door but we can’t guarantee we will have all the special give-aways that those who registered by February 10th will receive.  

Four Time Trans-Am Champion and racing broadcaster Tommy Kendall our special lunchtime guest speaker, has just been selected for the Motorsports Hall of Fame.  He will be joining Darrick Dong, Ross Bentley and Jeff Braun.  Don’t miss out on this spectacular, once in a lifetime event.  You can skip the details below and just click here to register.

Seminar provides the greatest lineup of speakers in 20 years

“What Everyone Ought To Know About Racing And Winning In One Fun Filled Day”

Darrick Dong is arguably the most respected man in racing when it come to brakes.  His 21 years at Tilton Engineering and as Director of Motorsports at Performance Friction Corp he is the most sought after man to analyze and solve braking issues.  Ross Bentley is one of the highest paid driving coaches in America.  Some can race and win, some can write books on winning and some can teach others to win.  Ross Bentley can do and has done all three.  IMSA champion, author of 6 “Speed Secrets” books, creator of a driving school to transition go-kart racers to drive race cars, and now coach who travels the world to teach people how to race and win.  He is sought after to teach racers to win.  Jeff Braun is perhaps the #1 race engineer for sports cars in America.  He started a shock absorber set up business that became so successful he was turning away racers who wanted to give him $1000/set of shocks to make them work for their car.  His cars have won championships in IMSA and SCCA as well as winning at the Rolex 24 at Daytona and LeMans.  He is sought out to engineer cars to win.  Special lunchtime guest, Four time SCCA Trans-Am champion Tommy Kendall who in 1997 won 11 straight Trans-Am races in a row and has recently been selected to enter the Motorsports Hall of Fame.

In one single day, right here in the Pacific Northwest,  these racing giants are going to be sharing their knowledge to propel you to the front of the grid and on to the winner’s podium.

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What you will learn 

Darrick Dong – Basic and Advanced Race Car Braking

  • Balance Bar Setup and Maintenance
    • Purpose
    • How the Balance Bar Works
    • Initial setup, how to optimize brake pedal and balance bar geometry
    • How to check your brake bias
    • How to check your fill rate (timing) of your brakes
    • Choosing Master Cylinder Sizes to fit your needs
  • Brake System Bleeding
    • Popular unknown facts of bleeding your brake system property
    • The importance of brake fluid maintenance
    • Brake fluids
  • Pads
    • Pad disc interface
    • Pad release benefits
    • Quality standards for pads
    • Brake pad compounds How to find the right pads for your race car
    • Bedding procedures
  • Discs
    • Machining tolerances
    • Disc design thermal stability – Weight vs. Drag
    • Slot pattern benefits
    • Attachment recommendations and why it is important to spindle
    • Hub problems – Importance of truing hub
    • Hub spacers – Benefits
    • Recommended disc bedding procedures
  • Calipers
    • Machine tolerances (quality) benefits
    • FEA design
    • Thermal and mechanical stability and the effects of drag
    • Weight vs. stiffness
    • Caliber mounting
  • Proportioning Valves
    • What prop valves can and can’t do
    • ABS brake systems for racing (optional topic if there is interest)

Ross Bentley – Basic and Advanced Speed Secrets from the Cockpit

  • Details of how you can improve your racing and performance driving.  Ross will cover a variety of Speed Secrets to help you win.

Jeff Baun – Every Picture Tells a Story

  • Each picture Jeff will show, tells a story of how to engineer a car to win.  Each story will provide a background and a lesson that you can apply to your car and your racing.
  • You will have the opportunity to ask specific questions relating to your car and what you can do to apply the lessons shared

Tommy Kendall – A Lifetime of Racing Success

  • As our special lunchtime guest, Tommy will be sharing stories of his racing career

Agenda for the day (times and lineup are approximate and subject to minor changes)

Registration including coffee, rolls and juice

Darrick Dong – Basic and Advance Race Car Braking (2 hours)

Ross Bentley – Basic and Advance Speed Secrets from the Cockpit (2 hours)

Lunch – A hot delicious lunch will be provided with Special Guest Speaker Tommy Kendall (1 hour)

Jeff Braun – Every Picture Tells a Story (2 hours)

Afternoon snack

Forum – Ross Bentley and Tommy Kendall acting as a drivers who have just come in off the track interfacing with an engineer, Jeff Braun, and consulting with supplier/expert Darrick Dong (2 hours)

Fun, Motivating, Interesting, Fantastic

This event will be fun.  This is a promise made by all the speakers.  Don’t think for one minute that this is some boring, stuffy event that you’ll regret attending.  Expect to learn, expect to have your questions answered about your car, expect to see and visit with many of your racing friends and competitors, and expect to have a really enjoyable and fun time.

A unique experience

You can find some of this information on-line and in a book or even on a DVD or CD.  That is a given about information.  In fact I encourage you to visit Ross Bentley’s website: or Google Darrick Dong and Jeff Braun, there is a wealth of information on, about, and by these speakers.  The only way you can get your personal questions answered and get to know and interface with the speakers is to attend the seminar.  Darrick, Ross and Jeff are your personal race consultants for the day.  They are investing their time and energies for you.  Register right now and take advantage of this unique opportunity.  It may just change not only your racing but your life.


  • The seminar will be held Saturday February 14th 2015 in Tacoma, WA.  Registration opens at 8AM and the seminar will run until about 5PM
  • The investment in the seminar is $235 per person.  This will include $25 in Armadillo Racing Bucks to spent as cash at the seminar on some fantastic sale items that can’t be advertised outside the event.  Armadillo Racing Bucks offer expires February 1st so don’t delay and register today.
  • Bring a friend and each of you will get an autographed copy of one of Ross’s books in addition to the $25 each in Armadillo Racing Bucks.
  • To register just click here

Here’s what a few of the past participants have said about their experience.

“Great information and speakers – especially for someone just starting.” – Gail Whitestine Porsche SC  “This was the most informational seminar I’ve ever been to.” – Todd Harting WSU FSAE  “There is always room for improvement and all the presenters provided information that would help any racer improve in all areas of racing.  I’m glad I took notes.” – Jack DeChristopher Datsun 510  “Thank you for gathering the talent to put together yet another interesting seminar toward the end result of making me a better or at least a more aware driver/mechanic.” – Greg Miller BMW E30  I feel like I have had a tuneup and am more prepared to get ready for this race season.  I have a whole new ‘To Do’ list as of today.  Thanks.” – Fred Wright Alfa 1750 GTV  “A terrific way to start the up coming season.  An amazing amount of information delivered in an easy going, off-season setting.  A great mental and practical start to the new season.”  Dan Durr 1968 BMW B Sedan  “If you had any interest in racing, today’s seminar had something for you.  If you want to be a better racer or prepare a better car, Andy’s seminars are a must.  These seminars are a great way to start the racing season.”  Gerry Loeffler – Sunbeam Tiger  “Everyone should come.  Always great speakers and info.  We can all learn helpful stuff, plus its fun to see race buddies in the winter.”  Mel Kemper – Formula Mazda  “This is my sixth seminar and they are always worthwhile and interesting.  Always a great way to start a new race season.”  Frank DiMiceli – Spec Miata  “Another great informative seminar.  Well done Andy, thanks for your continual support.”  Mike McAleenan – BMW M3  “This seminar proved to be a great value added effort.  Both speakers were well versed and presented each topic perfectly”  Dave Bennitt – AMAC Sports Racer  “Terrific seminar.  Excellent speakers with plenty of knowledge.”  Roger Stark – GT2 Corvette

Seating is limited so register right now, today.

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