New Website Coming Soon

At long last we are close to presenting our new website. The hardest part of creating a new website is finding the right website designer who takes the time to understand our business and our marketing philosophy. We have that guy in Josh Hudson of Hudson’s Commercial.

The new site will have videos showing how to use products. You’ll be able to read our weekly enews, there will be stories from our clients, and keep you current on the events we are servicing. Most importantly, the site will be truly mobile friendly.

Other news – During this time when many are shut it, it is the perfect time to catch up on reading. We have just a few copies left of a wonderful book by Gordon Chance titled Race Man – Jim Travers and the TRACO Dynasty. Written by Chance who not only worked at TRACO but crewed for Carroll Shelby at Le Mans in 1965 – 67 when Ford took on Ferrari. This is a book I’ve personally read and found to be outstanding as stories told about TRAvers and Frank COons (TRACO) and their many engineering innovations explained in detail. On Amazon the book is listed at $398 (it is out of print) and as a result of my relationship with Chance, we obtained a few copies. If you wold like one, please email me directly ( The price is $150 plus tax and shipping. You will love this book and remember we only have 3 copies left.

Looking Ahead – Our 25th annual High Performance Racing Seminar was a huge success. The speakers were outstanding and everyone who attended were filled with praise concerning how much fun they had and how much they learned. Plans are already moving forward for the 26th annual event and videos from this year’s seminar are in process.

If you would like to register for the 2021 seminar scheduled for February 13, 2021 just click here and get an early bird bonus.

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