New Roux Helmet

It’s been about 11 months since we introduced the Roux helmet to NW Racers and the response has been nothing short of phenomenal.  The top of the line Roux Carbon Fiber helmet is first of all, comfortable.  It is also beautiful but more importantly it comes with the following standard features:

  1. Built in noise canceling microphone and ear cups
  2. Drink tube
  3. Built in water cooling system that connects to your cool shirt system
  4. HANS posts installed
  5. A soon to be patented helmet release system so in the event of an accident the Safety Crews can easily remove your helmet with little risk of neck injury
  6. A dark smoke visor along with the clear one on the helmet
  7. Extra cheek pads for the perfect fit
  8. A decal sheet for customization

All this for just $1399.00.  Click here to order.

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