Its Time to Go Racing

The racing season begins a little later in the Pacific NW than other areas of the country.  As this is being written, it is March 31, 2014 and the second race weekend is coming up, a driving school and a 6 hour enduro.  Both hosted by the International Race Drivers Club (IRDC) at the Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton, WA.  The event we supported was a ChumpCar Race at Pacific Raceways two weeks ago but it was cold.  How about 29 deg. on Saturday morning. That is why racing starts later in the year.

I’m sorry to report that one racer had a seriously hard hit into the wall past turn 9.  This accident could have been much, much worse if he had not been wearing his HANS.  In fact his co-drivers told me that after the car and everyone was safely back in the paddock and they talked about what happened, the driver didn’t remember very much.  The in car video told the story of the rear end of the car stepping out and the attempt to save it was unsuccessful.

You know I’m not one to try and scare anyone into buying safety equipment; however, in this case I must stress that HANS saves lives.  This accident was the 6th one that the driver escaped serious injury because he was wearing a HANS that he purchased from Armadillo Racing.  Sixth since 2003 and we’re only one dealer.  If you think that a HANS is only for high speed crashes, you are very much mistaken.  Take a moment and check out this Youtube video of a rally crash.  This at relavtively low speed shows the drivers head whipping forward and back with no HANS and the co-driver’s head very much secure in place.  Please don’t race without one.  Here’s the link:

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