Hunsaker Quick Fill Fuel Jugs Now Available

I am pleased to announce that Armadillo Racing has been selected to represent Hunsaker in the NW by stocking and selling their outstanding 5 gallon Quick Fill Fuel Jugs.  As we some of our best products, it was a ChumpCar racer who suggested that we investigate Hunsaker as many of the ChumpCar teams are now using their 5 gallon dump jugs.  These white poly fuel storage containers are designed to empty into the car quickly and without spilling any fuel.  Utilizing the Hunsaker fuel spout along with the jug, you can dump 5 gallons of fuel into the car in a matter of a few seconds vice pouring fuel in with a standard racing fuel storage jug, a spout or a funnel.

To order you jug, just click here and we’ll get your Hunsaker fuel jug on it’s way to you in time for your next event

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