About Us


Armadillo Racing Enterprises (ARE) was established in 1983 when the owner Andy Collins plunked down $35 hard earned bucks to become a dealer selling AMSOIL synthetic oil to his friends in the Pacific NW Racing Community.  It quickly became apparent that there was a real need for a trackside supplier of racing fuel so in 1986, “Armadillo Andy” as he became known, searched out and located the Engine Research Company (ERC) racing fuel.  Arguably the finest racing fuel in the west, ERC trusted ARE to represent their product and using an old 1966 Chevy Pick-up, Armadillo Andy started taking fuel to the local sports car races.

As the business grew so did the need to change business structure so in 2006 Armadillo Racing Enterprises a sole proprietorship gave way to Armadillo Racing Incorporated (ARI) with Armadillo Andy operating the corporation as President and chief cook and bottle washer.

The core business is much the same today as it was in the beginning, serving the NW Racing community with the parts and fuels they need, when they need them, trackside on race weekends.  Of course there has been considerable growth in that service.  Today road racers are service from a 28 foot trailer/showroom with a huge inventory of parts.  The drag racing community is served from our 40 foot container/store at Bremerton Raceway a unique store that provides the kind of parts drag racers need from racing fuel to Holley Jets, drag jackets and NHRA Rule books.

We are committed to you and the racing community.  Our staff has a combined experience of over 130 years and has been involved in motorsports from autocrossing, road rallying to road racing, turn marshalling to club administration (including serving as Regional Executive of NW Region SCCA and President of the International Race Drivers Club).  We have sponsored events, series, and teams including the NW Region SCCA Track Trials program, SOVREN vintage racing, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and numerous drag, motorcycle, go-kart, stock car and sports car events and series.

We understand racing because we are involved and as a result are ideally suited to help you with all your racing needs