2015 Seminar a Huge Success

When an event goes so well that everyone is blown away it goes from being just an event to a “Happening.”  That is exactly what occurred at our 20th annual High Performance Racing Seminar last Saturday.  A large crowd on NW racing enthusiasts were treated to a full day of insider secrets of racing presented by the most incredible lineup of speakers ever assembled in the Puget Sound.

Darrick Dong opened with a presentation on brakes that Dave Haire, driver of an ASA stock car said, “Darrick Dong’s presentation about braking systems was by far the most informative presentation I’ve witnessed in motorsports, hands down.”  Mel Kemper whose FM was used for the demo on adjusting the balance bar was stunned by the improvements Darrick made to a brake system that was good enough to take Mel to a 5th at the runoffs this past fall.  If you thought he was fast then, now he’ll have great brakes.

Each speaker presented at the same high level.  Following in the path of legendary engineer, racer and author Carroll Smith, Jeff Braun shared photos and stories that gave insight into an idea that could improve car prep or racing.  His stories about how they designed and build a D-Sports Racer for the Runoffs at Road Atlanta at a cost of about $1.3 million dollars was incredible.  Scott Faris said, “..I loved Jeff Braun’s stories – especially the Road America D Sports Racer one.”  Oh they made their goal of turning a lap under 2 minutes and winning the national championship for Scott Tucker.

Ross Bentley got everyone engaged with his Myth buster presentation.  Don’t you hate it when speakers make you think and figure things out for yourself?  Ross is such a professional that everyone learned something they could apply to their racing.

That just leaves Tommy Kendall.  “All he did” was tell stories….right!  Oh no, Tommy provided great insight into the thinking side of driving and was most encouraging to everyone.  Of course everyone loved his stories of racing and winning the Rolex 24 at Daytona when driving with Paul Newman and Mark Martin.  Ask him about his reaction when Newman called him on the phone to invite him to race with Paul.

When the dust settled about 6PM (I got a stern talking to by the landlord, something like “Get Out Now we want to go home”), a small group of staff and friends had dinner with Tommy, Ross and Jeff.  3 fabulous hours of bench racing with guys that are on the inside. To everyone who came, thank you for participating.  It really was a happening and everyone learned some valuable lessons about how to be faster, drive better and have more fun

If you’d like a Flash Drive with Darrick’s presentation, we have them available for $50.  Just click here.


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